Don’t Judge, but Submit to the The Judge (James 4:7-12)

James 4:7-12


James has been speaking of fighting among people, and now gets to the heart of things.  Disagreements not only come from our own personal desire, but often come from how we judge others.  All too often people look at a distance on the lives of others and judge them, predetermining that they are not worthy or are inferior.  This is because we raise our own standards and think we are better than they.

James doesn’t mince words in this part of his letter, but tells us that we should beware of putting ourselves in the judges seat.  After all their is only one eternal judge, God, and we are not as wise, all knowing, or knowledgeable as God.  Yet, it is easy to fall prey to the idea of putting ourselves in his place, as we judge others.

James give us the answer, submit.  This means to willingly place ourselves under another.  James says, “submit yourselves, to God,” (v.7).  When we put ourselves under God’s rule, then we can leave the judging up to him.  This allows us to live in a mutual respect and humble attitude toward others.




Father God,  help us today to not think ourselves better than others, but to realize you are in control of all things.  Let us leave matters of judgement to you and love others in sincere and humble ways.  Thank you for your help Lord.  Amen.

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