Share The Blessings (James 5:1-6)

James 5: 1-6

I sat in my study listening to a man who was clearly upset and disturbed.  He was upset with his boss, because of unreasonable schedules, lack of raises, and generally feeling unappreciated.  He was looking for a new job.

I will never forget his words, “That’s the last time I will ever work for a Christian.  I though somehow it would be different working for a Christian brother.  Instead I’ve found out I was just being used.”

It is unfortunate, but this isn’t the only time I’ve heard similar words.  Many Christian business people hire people they know from church or other organizations.  Then, they treat them worse than many worldly companies.  Why would someone do that?  It seems they take advantage of their close ties and even twist biblical understanding to make it easier to use people instead of blessing them with their wealth from gained profits.  When profits grow they seem to forget those who were in it with them, and those they should be blessing along the way.

James is warning rich people that their wealth, like everyone’s wealth is only temporary.  Even more, he warns us that how we use our money and blessings will come back to judge our lives in the end.   You see, God has a way of balancing things out.  It may not be in this lifetime, but may come as we face the future in heaven.  Everyone will be held accountable and will give account of how they treated others.

If you are blessed with God’s goodness, how are you doing about sharing that goodness with others?  If your blessed with a business or in management you should seek God’s guidance in how to manage and pass on blessings to others.  We must never forget that the blessings we have are not simply because of ourselves, but are due to the goodness of God.  He doesn’t give us good things to hoard, but to bless.



Father God, we thank you for your blessings and goodness that you have given into our lives.  We thank you for the opportunity to pass on blessings to others.  Help us to manage well and help us to share what we have as much as we can.  We ask you help in this through your Spirit’s help.  Amen

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