Share Your Prayer’s & Concerns (James 5:13-20)

James 5:13-20

I have been in ministry for over twenty years, and I can honestly say no one,  even some of the toughest non-believing people I’ve known, have ever said no to prayer when I offer it.  However, I have seen many people go through situations, sickness, dangerous surgeries, and facing life threatening disease, and while they go to church they often resist sharing their needs with others.

Sharing our concerns and pains with others, for many people is to admit that we are weak and can’t handle things on our own.  Many of us were brought up to simply “suck it up, and keep on.”  The truth is this is not what community in the Bible is shown to be.

James reminds us to share your prayer’s and concerns with others.  He also says to share your joys as well.  Paul uses similar language in Colossians 3 & Ephesians 4, when he says to “bear with one another.”  Part of the term “Bear with” means to hold up one another.  That is what we do when we are sharing our needs with others.  Burdens and concerns are hard to go through on our own, and God expects the Body of Christ to be in prayer for one another.  That is why most of the Bible is written to the Churches or communities of believers and not to individuals.

What are you trying to bear alone today?  If things are going well, how are you encouraging others on their journey today?  Look for opportunity to bless others and help them bear their burden’s.  Offer your prayers, and remember to pray and follow up with them.

Prayer:   May God bless you this day with His goodness.  May he strengthen your life so you may strengthen others.

  • Keep on the Journey with Jesus today,

D.G. Shipton

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