All Believers Have Power in Prayer (James 5:13-20)

James 5:13-20


Many people call the pastor to pray for every concern on their hearts, and we are to call on the elders when it’s serious.  However, I have heard a pastor say that he was in a church where the bowling team called him and asked why he hadn’t come to pray for the team before a game.

I am sure that we’ve all experienced a time when we’ve been a small group study and someone says, “who’d like to pray,” and the room goes silent.  My wife does her best with our children’s teaching at church to remind the kids it’s a privilege to be able to speak directly to the God of the universe, and that we all can speak to him any time.

James reminds us of one of the greatest prayers in the Bible, as Elijah prayed that there would be no rain, and it didn’t rain again until God told him to go and pray before the people three years later.  This was to show God’s power over the false god’s and worship of Elijah’s time.  James tells us one more important factor, “Elijah, a man like anyone else.”   Wow, that is powerful.   That means he’s just like me, or just like you.  He’s a real person, and he prayed and God listened to his prayer.

That’s encouragement to me, and to you.  We can all pray to God openly.  Jesus opened the door through his sacrifice on our behalf, and anyone in faith can now seek God’s help directly.  We don’t need middle-men or to feel our prayers are not heard.  Instead, as the Hebrew writer says we can “Boldly approach” God’s throne with our needs.

God is waiting for you to talk with him, like a loving father waits to spend time with his children.  We just have to start the conversation, because He’s always there.

Prayer:  God, I pray today for those who might be struggling to turn to you in prayer.  I pray that you will assure them that you are there listening and waiting to have a conversation with them today.

-Keep on your Journey with Jesus today

D.G. Shipton


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