God Has Your Plan

Exodus 2

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV. https://bible.com/bible/111/jer.29.11.NIV

Do you ever wonder why you’re here? Maybe you had a past that you wish you could forget. Perhaps you had parents that you feel were inadequate. There may have been circumstances that made growing up hard.

How can God have a Plan through hand times? Can there be a better purpose for us?

Moses was saved because of a brave mother who stayed close enough to be sure he knew his roots. He knew he was an Israelite. He also would have known the truth of God.

Moses also was raised as an Egyptian Prince. He would know the Pharaoh sin ce he was raised with him. He knew the courts and throne room to be able to addres-s Him. He also would know their religious practices to be able to stand when their Priests would attack him.

While moses failed in his own ideas by killing a prom/ God would it the time in the desert to mold him more. He lived among Midianites, who also belived in God. They were not Jews, but close relatives, which means they would have continued to encourage Moses faith. This time in the desert helped him grow closer to God and open to hear God speak.

God has a plan for you life. He can take even broken pieces and make us into something greater.

How can you Better understand God’s plan for you?

  • Pray: God desires to Spend time with us. We can ask the creator of all things and He will guide us.
  • Spend time in the Bible: If we want to know if our plans are in line with God’s plans we must spend time understanding God’s will. That means reading His Word, the Bible.
  • Find others of Faith to help you grow: Scripture reminds us over and over that faith is meant to be lived out in community. We encourage and help one another grow. We also hold one another accountable. Get with a group, be a part of a church, and help others as they help you.
  • Wait: This is the hardest part for most of us. We struggle to wait two-and-a-half minutes for microwave popcorn. God’s plan was taking a lifetime to develop. Thankfully the Israelites never stopped praying and Moses never stopped growing.
  • Just because it’s God’s plan doesn’t mean it’s easy: Stepping out in faith against Pharaoh would mean learning to live a new way. Jesus once asked a lame man ,”Do you want to be healed?” I believe this is the deep question, do we really want God’s plan. God’s plan may just mean we have to change, or go to work.

Why do people struggle to follow God’s plan? Why do we often take matters into our own hands instead?

What areas of life is God trying to lead you today?

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