The Story Didn’t End With Jesus (Acts 1:1-11)

Acts 1:1‭-‬11

The Gospel message didn’t end with Jesus. In fact Jesus came to usher a New beginning, a new start for faith and the hope of the Gospel.

He defeated the power of Satan and sin by dying on the cross and rising again. The technical requirements of redemption were paid for, so the restoration of relationship with God could be restored.

Luke writes to his friend to tell him, and today us, that the story wasn’t over at the resurrection. The message of the Gospel was now in the hands of the followers. All followers of Jesus are now a part of this mission of hope.

We shall see that the book of Acts has two powerful elements. First, the trust in, and power of the Holy Spirit. Second, the faith and actions of the Apostles, in forming the church-Christ’s body on earth.

Remaining on mission- Jesus prepared to leave the Early church to be ready for taking over His mission to the world.

  • To know Jesus was alive (v.3). Luke stresses that there were many convincing proofs of Jesus’s resurrection. He had defeated the power of death. The hope of a resurrection for all followers is real. It is foundational to Christian faith.
  • To get ready for The Holy Spirit’s empowering (v.4-8). The Spirit had been foretold by Jesus the night he was betrayed. The empowering was to help the church and followers to carry out the mission of sharing the hope of the Gospel-salvation in Christ. The Spirit dwells inside all believers and helps us understand Scripture, as well as enabling us to share its truth and hope.
  • To remain ready and vigilant in living and sharing the Gospel until Christ returns (v.7). We must live lives always ready. Ready to tell others of the hope of Jesus. Also, ready to give account to God for how we acted and lived in the time we are given. Are we seeking to live holy and just lives, showing we are children of God?
  • To take up the mission of sharing the Gospel (v.8-11). In case they missed the point, as Jesus ascended he sent some Angel’s to get them moving. The mission to the world was given to human hands. We who follow today remain on the same mission today.

For Thought & Discussion:

  • What evidence was shown that Jesus rose from the dead?
  • Where does our courage and anchor come from, as we serve Christ in the world?
  • What is our central mission, as Christ followers? How do we live this mission out in our world today?
  • Why was there a period of waiting before the blessing of the Spirit and taking action? How is waiting a help at times?
  • Take some time to pray and ask God to show you who and where you can share the hope of the Gospel this week.

– May God bless you on the journey today.

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