In Waiting or Hurting Times (Acts 1:12-26)

Acts 1:12-26


Where do you go when life is falling apart? Where are the answers? What about when you’re mourning a loss?

Nothing surprises God.

After the Ascension of Jesus into heaven the disciples gathered together for prayer. Peter points out that the actions of Judas were expected. He even quotes Scripture Showing this. Then they pray

What to do when your going through a period of waiting or difficulty.

  • Pray: This is the first and constant place we should turn when facing a tough time. Too often this is people’s last resort instead of their first response. God is always waiting for us to turn to him.
  • Take care of your needs: The need of the Apotles was to fill the open position, so they would have an even number of leaders. There are some things that must be done- family needs, self care, eating, exercise, and work. However, in waiting seasons it isn’t the time to take on new projects or extra work. Often doing these things is in reality is a way to hide from needed healing that such time needs.
  • Don’t make any big decisions until your through it: You don’t want to make rash decisions while mourning, hurting, or in waiting times. Some people bury themselves in debt trying to make themselves feel better. This could be buying something, giving things away, making major job changes, or even seeking expensive training. In reality many big decisions are actually ways to hide from healing or listening to God.
  • Listen for God: This begins by spending time in God’s Word. It’s good to hear a good sermon; however, it’s even better to spend time meditating on God’s Word for yourself. Let God speak to you as you meditate on Scripture and listen for His guidance. That was the response of the Apostles as they waited for God to show them their next move.

Know that God is with you in this season of waiting, mourning, and confusion.

For Thought & Discussion:

  • How have you tried to hide instead of facing and waiting through these times with God?
  • How is this way of waiting more active than most people think of when waiting?
  • Are there things in your life that you are not laying before God today? Are you doing things or making rash plans before waiting on God for His guidance?

– May God bless you on the journey today.

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