Showing Christ to the World (Acts 3) Part 1

Acts 3

Always Be Ready to Help & Share

We never know when or where opportunity will come to share our hope in Jesus to others around us.

Peter and John were going about their daily routine. They were headed for the Temple for daily prayer. There a man, who also was likely doing his daily routine, was about to have his world turned upside down with hope.

It’s likely that this lame man had been going to beg at the Temple for years. Maybe he had even waited years for such a prime location to beg. Here everyone hoping to earn personal points in their own minds would feel led to help a lame man.

Now imagine if someone came to you in such circumstances and said, ‘Look at me. I don’t have any money for you. I’m going to give you something else.’

Then Peter prays for the man to walk in “Jesus name.”

The miracle and the following witness to the crowds at the temple were only the result of Peter and John being ready to share. To share the hope and power they knew in Jesus.

Being ready at all times can at times be difficult. After all, non of us can be fully certain of who we will meet in each day. How can we be ready to speak and share with whomever crosses our path?

  • Trust God to Help You: Part of the Holy Spirit’s role is to help us in witnessing to the world around us.
    • The Spirit can help us to have the boldness to speak up about Christ to people we know may not fully understand right away. In many places in Scripture God sends messages to his servants to “be bold” or “be courageous.” I think most of need the Spirit to give us the internal courage to speak to others about Christ. We may feel alone when sharing with others, but we can know God is always with us.
    • The Spirit helps us to understand Scripture, so that we can help others. Peter started with the heritage the crowd knew from their reading of the Old Testament prophets. He used this to connect and to show them about who Jesus was.
    • The Spirit helps guide our words. Thankfully the God’s Spirit is there intervening in conversation. We may feel that what we say will not make sense or will not be the right thing to connect with someone. It is amazing how God helps us and connections are made that we didn’t think were possible.
    • The Spirit is speaking to their hearts and opening the way. Most importantly we must remember it is God who calls people to salvation. He can use our weak and feeble work, but His Spirit is speaking to their hearts. I remember a sermon I preached where ten people came out thanking me for speaking on ten different things. The only thing is that I didn’t speak on any of those things. God also used that sermon to lead 4 people to pray for salvation.

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