Showing Christ to the World (Acts 3) Part 2

Acts 3


Peter and John do not just help a man back on his feet in Acts chapter 3.  In fact they go far beyond merely helping him to walk.  Their witness to the man obviously creates a new follower in Christ, as Chapter 4 indicates.  It further attracts others to know more about Jesus.

Once we have had the opportunity to share Jesus with others, what can we do?  How should we respond to their new found faith?  Acts 3 gives us a couple of more things that we can learn about witnessing for Jesus to our world:

  • Celebrate with New Followers. The Apostles could have healed the man and moved on. However, he went with them and they all continued into the Temple area. This let them share in the celebration of this man who was now excited to be healed and know who Jesus was. The excitement caused others to take notice, and gave a great opportunity to tell even more people about Jesus.
  • Remember It’s Always for God’s Glory & Witness of Christ. When God does choose to move whether in a small or a miraculous way, we must never forget it is for His glory and not our own. The crowd became excited and they wanted to see who had healed this man. Peter speaks truth to them from the Scriptures. He then points them to Jesus as the real power of healing and the power they could all have in salvation.



May God bless you on your journey today.

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