A Good Witness May Create A Stir (Acts 4:1-22)

Acts 4:1-22

People are always watching. Some are watching to see what will happen. Some are excited by what they see. Unfortunately some are watching to fight the good God is trying to do.

It was about 1992 when my wife, Becky, and I attended a John Maxwell conference in Anderson, Indiana. I will never forget when he shared about being “fire lighters” or “firefighters”. Ian situation we can either fan the spiritual flam in someone’s life or we can douse them.

Ths account of Peter and John before the Sanhedrin shows how sometimes it’s those who are supposed to be spiritually in the know who sadly become firefighters. They get jealous of God’s new work, or worse they simply feel threatened by someone else bbeing blessed. For some like the religious leaders it may be a threat to their power.

So how do we stand when God is moving, but others are fighting us?

  • Pray for others growth.
  • Encourage their growth
  • Ccelebrate their victories
  • Guide their growth in love & mercy
  • Forgive & help pick them up when they fall

May God help you help others on the journeywith Jesus today.

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