When we Hurt, God Remains Faithful

Psalms 41

David understood the pains and rejection that many of us experience at times. Especially when God guides us in a path others may not understand. In this passage he expresses pain of his enemies making fun of his suffering: “My enemies say “when will he die…he will never get up.”

Don’t we often look at our lives and feel like others are looking down on us. David is talking about Sin. However even as we do our best to serve God sometimes pain can remain. I think of the prophets who did many strange things by normal human standards. Others made fun of them. Sometimes we are called out to do things for God, and it feels like the weight of everyone is watching us. We feel that if we fail or if things don’t go the way we had planned others are going to make fun of us.

David even says in verse 9, best friend someone who he ate dinner with was now turned against him. That could possibly be one of the hardest things that anyone could face. Yet, I think many of us can relate to the fact that sometimes those who we thought were our closest friends. They are the ones who now have abandoned us in a time of need.

It might be someone we work with who has been close to us for a long time. We get into a project with them, and then they seem to abandon us. Maybe we’ve stepped out to do something oh, and they even have supported us and doing it. Then as we step out they leave us, and so feelings of abandonment hurt, and loneliness could set in.

I have experienced this in my own life. As I said this last year has been a tough time I’m setting up plans stepping out, and seeking God’s will. I will admit it hasn’t been perfect, and maybe not all of my decisions have been perfect. However in my heart of hearts I know and others with me know that God is still directing the path for us. I can relate to the worry of what others think, as we step out in such strange ways unfamiliar to others.

Yet, with David I can say praise God. I understand but in the end God is still in control. Others may not always understand what we are doing for God. That doesn’t mean that God has abandoned us. In fact we may be right in the will of God even as we go through the toughest of Trials. Those who are closest to us may abandon us at times, because they don’t know or understand what God is doing. But God never fails us.

I want to encourage you if you’re going through times of trial, hardship, or suffering to hold on because God is still there for you. If you are in a season of change or Serving where others may not understand, hold on because God hasn’t abandoned you. Lean on Him, for he is with you.

May God bless you on your journey with Jesus

– Dan

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