Every Life Matters: Let us Never Forget

Teach us to number our days,
    that we may gain a heart of wisdom.- Pslam 90:12

I am sad this morning. Sad about life as we know it. I rarely speak out on issues that are politically charged. And, please hear me out, this is not about politics. It is about the value of Life.

Every Life Matters!

I was getting around yesterday, and listen to the news.  As, most of us are I was hit with numbers diagnosed with COVID-19, and the number of deaths.  I was brought to tears.  My tears were not motivated by the numbers the media keeps spewing.  I was brought to tears by peoples minds and focus, and the unbalanced view of life.

I am left wondering why in January, February, or March we didn’t hear daily reports of people taken to the hospital with influenza, heart attacks, cancer, or other diseases that kill hundreds of people everyday?  You see, never have we constantly been bombarded daily with the numbers of sick and dying on a continually basis, and yet there are always people sick and dying.

This disturbs me on multiple levels, but in the end I am left wondering why do we only care about life when it is sensationalized in the Media?  Why do we allow the Media the power to refocus us to raise their ratings and power?

  • When it is a fatal shooting everyone seems to care
  • When it is a tragic accident everyone seems to want to know
  • When it is a media polarized sickness it now seems to matter


Every Life matters

I pray for First Responders, Emergency Care Workers, Nurses, and Doctors regularly, not just during an epidemic.  It moves me that these people put   their lives on the line everyday.  They never know who they will meet, what sickness they will have, how their mental state is, or if they will really be able to help save or protect the persons life.  Many were weary and felt ill equipped in serving long before the media decided to sensationalize them due to a pandemic.

I don’t want to cause more politically pain.  But, why is that we watch politicians tear down our nations and states with their personal political agendas, yet really have no sincere care for life.  Most of them seem more concerned for lining their own pockets and their own gain.  Neither party can make decisions to help people and make a difference in lives, without tacking on their own agendas or pet projects.


Will this time change us?  I am sure for a time it will change many people’s views on life and their neighbors.  However, I wonder will we sincerely care about lives?  Will we care about the lonely dying woman in the nearby nursing home?  Will we cry for the man from down the street who suffered from pain as he fought for his life, but lost the battle to cancer?  Will we weep for the souls of the homeless person who died hungry on the hard concrete behind the rich restaurant where we may have had our last family party?


God,  help us to “number our days”, as the Psalmist says.  Teach us to value the days we are given.  Help us, to love others and value life.  Every life from the moment of conception to their death matters.  Let us not be overwhelmed by these daily numbers in this time, without remembering daily that life matters.

God, bless those who give their lives to truly serve others, not for media attention, but because their hearts call them to help.  Bless the Nurses, Doctors, First Responders, the farmers, the factory workers, the truck drivers, the teachers, the painters, the bakers, the office workers, and the officials who try to lead us all.  Help us to value life.  Help us to respect life.  Help us God, because we know to you:


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