A Good Witness May Create A Stir (Acts 4:1-22)

Acts 4:1-22 People are always watching. Some are watching to see what will happen. Some are excited by what they see. Unfortunately some are watching to fight the good God is trying to do. It was about 1992 when my wife, Becky, and I attended a John Maxwell conference in Anderson, Indiana. I will never … Continue reading A Good Witness May Create A Stir (Acts 4:1-22)

Showing Christ to the World (Acts 3) Part 2

Acts 3 https://youtu.be/dNE-jMA_gg0   Peter and John do not just help a man back on his feet in Acts chapter 3.  In fact they go far beyond merely helping him to walk.  Their witness to the man obviously creates a new follower in Christ, as Chapter 4 indicates.  It further attracts others to know more … Continue reading Showing Christ to the World (Acts 3) Part 2

Showing Christ to the World (Acts 3) Part 1

Acts 3 https://youtu.be/kFXyBPYONXQ Always Be Ready to Help & Share We never know when or where opportunity will come to share our hope in Jesus to others around us. Peter and John were going about their daily routine. They were headed for the Temple for daily prayer. There a man, who also was likely doing … Continue reading Showing Christ to the World (Acts 3) Part 1

Beginning Restoration (Acts 2:42-47)

Acts 2:42-47 https://youtu.be/JG6XGIQYuFQ I find it interesting that humanity has sought some semblance of utopia throughout history. Yet no society has ever came close to living it out. Sin always seems to get in and destroy the hope of the better hopes for life. I wanted to Pause to remind us that Jesus came to … Continue reading Beginning Restoration (Acts 2:42-47)

Daily Living For the Christ Followers (Acts 2:42-47)

Acts 2:42-47   https://youtu.be/Fva7lenmgzo   What did daily life look like in those early days of the forming Christian Church? This passage gives us a view into the way they lived, encouraged one another, and served the mission of Christ to the world. By living such ways they were attracting others into the Christian faith. … Continue reading Daily Living For the Christ Followers (Acts 2:42-47)

Introduction to the Book of Acts

I wanted to pass along a great overview of the Book of Acts from the BIBLE PROJECT.    These two video's may help you in understanding the Book of Acts.  The BIBLE PROJECT is an awesome resource.   ( Source:  https://thebibleproject.com/ ) I would encourage you to take time to enjoy learning from the BIBLE PROJECT … Continue reading Introduction to the Book of Acts

Share Hope Boldly (ACTS 2:14-41)

Acts 2:14-41 https://youtu.be/M6H4MmghiD8 Many of us would say that we are not called to preach.  However, one of the weaknesses of the modern church is that it has raised preachers up on too high of a pedestal.  It isn't fair to those of us who preach, and it belittles the role of every follower of … Continue reading Share Hope Boldly (ACTS 2:14-41)

Where’s my Fire & Earthquake? (Acts 2:1-13)

Acts 2:1-13 https://youtu.be/UCJ4dwCFkAk Everyone likes a good shoe. Even modern worship leaders seem to be striving to create an emotional show with lighting, fog machines, and even lasers. However, the real power of Christian faith isn't in an emotional show. Many people seek a similar experience that happened to the people in the book of … Continue reading Where’s my Fire & Earthquake? (Acts 2:1-13)

In Waiting or Hurting Times (Acts 1:12-26)

Acts 1:12-26 https://youtu.be/sbXiAiCdjfM   Where do you go when life is falling apart? Where are the answers? What about when you're mourning a loss? Nothing surprises God. After the Ascension of Jesus into heaven the disciples gathered together for prayer. Peter points out that the actions of Judas were expected. He even quotes Scripture Showing … Continue reading In Waiting or Hurting Times (Acts 1:12-26)