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I have decided to keep focusing more on an average pastor’s life, in the hope of encouraging others in ministry, and in churches of smaller and average size. My weekly articles and thoughts can be found now at the blog site: Average Church Pastor’s Journey with Jesus , the web address is:

Living as a small church Pastor: What Is My Purpose

The age old question that anyone in any position in life has to ask at some point is most likely: “What is my purpose?” In ministry this is a crucial question that has to be addressed. The role that you play in ministry needs to be defined for many reasons, and in the case ofContinue reading “Living as a small church Pastor: What Is My Purpose”

Living as a Small Church Pastor: Spreading News

What does it mean to you to spread news? What about advertising an event at your church? Does it mean going through the process of contacting two newspapers, several radio stations, or maybe buying advertising time on the local television station? There are some legitimate ways to spread news about events; however, many of themContinue reading “Living as a Small Church Pastor: Spreading News”

Living as a Small Church Pastor: The Dread of Monday

Sunday is not only the highlight of our week; it is when we must put our all out to the edge of burnout. We ride the Spiritual high of seeing God move in the lives of people, whom we are called to minister to. The build up of a week’s preparation has come to aContinue reading “Living as a Small Church Pastor: The Dread of Monday”

Leadership In the Crosshairs of Life

We loose respect as leaders. Sometimes by what we do, but more often just for being who we are. I recently heard a group of people cutting down their priests, and pastors. I being a pastor was hurt. It has been a rough time for me, and hearing the words reminded me that it isn’tContinue reading “Leadership In the Crosshairs of Life”

Leading Through the Brokeness of a Call

Standing alone is never easy. It is never easy to face a room of people, whom you think understand your position, yet begin to take sides on an issue. While God tells you in your heart and mind, “You are doing the right thing. I will take care of the hearts of people.” The screamContinue reading “Leading Through the Brokeness of a Call”

It’s why your paid the big bucks!

Being in leadership has it’s good times and it’s tough times. I have experienced great times of joy, and seeing lives chganged for the better. I have also seen decisions that had to be made, which I didn’t want to make. I recently was at a local school and there was a sign that said,Continue reading “It’s why your paid the big bucks!”