Prayer of the Sincere Heart

Matthew 6:5-8 Jesus encouraged people not to pray like the hypocrites, or those who think themselves religous.  Some people pray for show, others pray hoping God will be pursuaded by constant chatter.  What God really wants is a conversation in sincerity.   When we pray worried about what others think, we are really doing it … Continue reading Prayer of the Sincere Heart


A Person of Faithful Prayer

"Elijah was a man just like us... (James 5:17) That little bit of information must have come as quite a surprise to those who thought of Elijah as only second to Moses.  How dare James say that the average person of faith is just like such a great man of God.  Yet, James clearly states … Continue reading A Person of Faithful Prayer

Free to Come to The Father

"Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to enter the Most Holy Place by the blood of Jesus"  Hebrews 10:19 I think see our relationship with God like this: Imagine the president of the United States is in the oval office. The Secretary of State is setting in a high back chair across from him. In … Continue reading Free to Come to The Father

Peace in Life’s Storm

Over the years of my life I have watched many good friends deal with sickness of loved ones, the loss of jobs, families torn apart by the effects of substance abuse, and the seemingly hopelessness of depression.  I have in my own life been effected by many of these same issues.  We all have to … Continue reading Peace in Life’s Storm

Learning from St. Patrick’s Love

This Irish prayer is credited to St. Patrick, and often titled "St. Patrick's Prayer".  I found the worlds to the prayer on a  the website, where they list many of their prayers, and writings.  I first came across this prayer over ten years ago, and it blesses me every time read it.  May it … Continue reading Learning from St. Patrick’s Love