My Personal Journey

     Jesus came to the seashore where he met a man named Simon.  Simon was a fisherman, who had been fishing all night.  Then Jesus told him to come and follow him.  That is where Simon’s journey with Jesus, God’s Son began, began.  Simon spent three years following Jesus around Palestine learning from his heavenly ways.  He also witnessed the great works done through miracles, and in challenging the establishment that was keeping people from knowing and understanding God’s love and mercy.

    Jesus, God’s Son, came to live among the sinful people of humanity.  He came to put his life on the line, so that all of humanity might be able to have an open relationship with God.  God’s mercy and grace continues to reach out to us, even when we mess things up in a deep way.

     I have been on a journey most of my life to have a relationship with God, through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.  Some days I do better than others.  However, I am coming to see that Christ’s grace and mercy is bigger than my own failures.

   I hope that I can encourage others on their journey toward deeper relationship, as they seek to follow Jesus in their own lives.

  If you have not accepted the grace of Jesus, and the forgiveness of sin why not take some time and pray to ask him to come into your heart and help you on your own journey today.

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