Being Wise With The Treasure of God

Luke 16:1-13 How can Jesus use a parable about such dishonest business man? We may read this and wonder about this. Think about this for a moment. We wouldn’t want a man who cut the growth of our wealth to gain personal favor working for us. Most of us would be preparing litigation to sueContinue reading “Being Wise With The Treasure of God”

God Has Enough, Be Part of His Blessing.

The Children of Israel complained that there was no water, then no food.  God provided water in the dessert from the rock.  God provided manna in the morning and quail in the evening.  When the manna was gathered, it says “each one had enough” (Exodus 16:18).  It also says that “some gathered a little andContinue reading “God Has Enough, Be Part of His Blessing.”