In Waiting or Hurting Times (Acts 1:12-26)

Acts 1:12-26   Where do you go when life is falling apart? Where are the answers? What about when you’re mourning a loss? Nothing surprises God. After the Ascension of Jesus into heaven the disciples gathered together for prayer. Peter points out that the actions of Judas were expected. He even quotes Scripture Showing this.Continue reading “In Waiting or Hurting Times (Acts 1:12-26)”

Lay Your Plans Before God (James 4:13-17)

James 4:13-17 Do you lay your plans before the Lord? When ideas come into your heart do you pray about them or simply just jump in? There are times to jump in or take leaps of faith, but James reminds us to lay our plans before God. This wisdom comes down through time, right backContinue reading “Lay Your Plans Before God (James 4:13-17)”

Beware Of Those You Listen Too

I have recently been reading through the Exodus story, and have been reading about God’s confrontation with Pharaoh.  In the first three miraculous confrontations Moses and Aaron demand that Pharaoh let the people go from Egypt to worship the true God.  Pharaoh hardens his heart against them.  However, before he hardens his heart he turnsContinue reading “Beware Of Those You Listen Too”