Using Gifts in Spiritual Mauturity

Genesis 37 Joseph, the Dreamer is growing up the favored son of his father Jacob.  Then in his youth, he begins to become gifted in dreams and interpretation.  However, this great gift of God isn’t used in the best way when he first starts using it.  He tells his family, it seems boldly, about allContinue reading “Using Gifts in Spiritual Mauturity”

Who’s On The Journey With You

“Let us not forsake the assembling of ourselves together”- Hebrews 10:25.   We need others in our life.  We are created to be in communion (union) with one another. We are created to be reunite with God through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  God is then in relationship with us. I have often heard peopleContinue reading “Who’s On The Journey With You”

The Religion of Living

(James 1.26-27) Many people relegate religion to the practices we carry out in our worship to God.  In reality this definition can be true, but for most of us we also relegate our worship to a specified time and place.  James tells us that religion is everything from keeping control of our speech to caring for the poorContinue reading “The Religion of Living”